Challenge – Road to Snowdonia 2018!

Much like the X-Factor; the votes are in and have been counted. We have a result. Although, in this instance the number of votes weren’t counted; I ran my finger down the screen and randomly stopped. Challenge selected! 

(Well, two if you check the Facebook group).

2018 will see me train to complete the Snowdonia Trial Marathon…

Before I go further let’s have a quick snapshot of my running history and prowess.

  • Ran a cross-country race in P.E in Year 7.
  • Ran the Crohns & Colitis 10k in London in 2014 in 42 minutes.


There. That’s it. It’s safe to say that outside of playing 5-aside football once in a blue moon my love affair with running has failed to flourish.

What’s the point in this? Why this challenge?

Well, its something different, a challenge. The idea and concept of running always appeals to me, but the actual doing of the running is where I massively fall down.  This is going to be something that is going to be a new variable in how I train as well assessing how my body responds to the added pressure and movements.

Over the last 3 months, I’ve been watching a couple of series by Kris Gethin and Steve Cook on how they are training to compete in Iron Man and Triathlon challenges respectively, while still training in a manner befitting of a bodybuilder. It’s been really good watching and has probably fuelled my desire to undertake and achieve a similar challenge.

I want to see how the old chassis reacts to the stresses of bodybuilding training coupled with marathon running protocols mixed in for good measure.

Also, if this has an impact on the Crohn’s that is currently dormant in my body; for which I’ll be getting regular blood tests to check the inflammation markers and probably iron levels too.

It’s also a damn good excuse to make a vlog training series for YouTube.

So while the Lean Bulk continues, it will morph into a hybrid programme early next year — exciting!

Time to get to start planning and become like the blokes legs below!

If you are interested in joining or hearing more about this specific training regime then drop a comment below.


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