Curcumin – The Supplement that you need NOW!

Inflammation. It’s a pain.

To be more specific, people who suffer with Crohns & Colitis; or any inflammatory related ailment will understand the annoyance of Inflammation.

The point  of this post is there is a dietary addition that we can all make that will have a positive impact on lowering said inflammation. That addition comes in the vibrant coloured form of Curcumin. 

I’ve written before about the anti-inflammatory’s in Dampening Inflammation. This serves as an expansion on this.

Anyone that regularly puts their bodies under the pressure and strain of resistance training will know that feeling of inflammation.  Adding curcumin into the equation will greatly help with muscular recovery and dropping inflammation within the cells. A faster rate of recovery is always a good thing… not to mention taking an edge off of DOMS!

As a note on this – I want to be clear that i’m not suggesting dosing your bodies to the point where you can irradiate this inflammatory response . Without a inflammatory reaction, healing wouldn’t occur at a cellular level. What I am an advocate for in this instance is controlling this level (Have that Trollers).

Curcumin For the Crohnies

For my fellow IBD sufferers – you will know from numerous trips for blood test that we’re assessed on how ‘active’ our Crohns / Colitis is on our CRP reading. The perfect scenario is that this reading is as close to zero as possible. Mine has ranged from 36 all the way through to 124.

Curcumin has been proven in research studies to specifically lower CRP levels within test subjects. I also have read that its had a positive impact on the other two inflammatory markers. They are PV (Plasma Viscosity) & ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate).

For the last 3 days I’ve been using the brand of Curcumin that I posted on my Instagram feed. I can feel some change in my body; there is less tightness in my bowel area (not that there was a huge amount before) but any decrease in that is a WIN!

This is a supplement that i’ll be recommending in the diet section of the programmes that I deliver.

If you’re like me and have an addiction to lifting weights or you take up a different for of sport I.e running or cycling then adding this into your diet can only be seen as a positive.

If anyone else has recommendations on other dietary supplements that aid inflammation then comment below

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