It’s Here | Lean Bulk Vol 1!

The Lean Bulk Volume 1.

This is for YOU – we want to help you grow, improve your health and have a damn good amount of fun in the process!

Today is the launch of our first training plan; The Lean Bulk Volume 1. We want to help you, help change the way you train, challenge you to become the best version of YOU possible.

We want to deliver the best content & make it accessable to everyone without having to break the bank! 

What you’ll get as part of the Lean Bulk package:

  • 32 Page Plan
  • Nutritional and Macronutrient guidance
  • Supplementation advice
  • 24/7 email access
  • FaceTime / Skype Consultations

To see this and also Custom Plans on the Personally Training Programme Shop

I’m buzzing to start helping you & others and do what I love as a job. This is the start of an awesome journey for me — hopefully it can be for you too!

Much love,

Personally Training.

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