Modern Fitness || 2018

Modern Fitness

So this is the first time I’ve written anything on here in a while. Probably because I’ve had to deal with being an adult, but also have I really had anything of value to write about? The fitness industry is littered with ‘stuff’ that doesn’t add value at the moment. Mostly if you look on Instagram it will be people or brands trying to flog SuperMegaHyper Supplement X or just a load of booottaaaay pics…

Having said that, dig a bit deeper on places like Instagram or YouTube and you can find some real gems on fitness, nutritional science and health.

Anyway, I’m starting to digress so I’ll get back on track.

Modern Fitness. What is it?

Well, in my opinion it’s whatever you want it to be, whatever you need it to be and most importantly Modern Fitness needs to be something that you enjoy! I mean what the hell is the point in putting in the hours in the gym, kitchen and the great outdoors if you hate what you’re doing?!

From a Coaching / Personal Trainers perspective too many PT’s devise highly elaborate programmes for clients that are A) too long B) have weird exercise’s in them AND C) are pants and dull.  Why do that? Find out what your client likes and build that into their programme to help achieve the desired goal. It’s not F’ing rocket science.

Same goes for writing meal plans. Fitness and health in 2018 (or any other year) should NOT be about professionals telling you what to eat and when to eat it. Have your weekly and daily caloric and macronutrient goals and eat as normal towards them!

I can see a rant developing here so time for a side step…

If anyone that has trained with me or I train you are  a client, you’ll know that fitness and training are my passions. What I have learnt to love is the variety of training methods at your disposal.

Using me as an example:

2.5 years ago, I was 9 stone 4, had 30 metal staples running down my abdomen and had a temporary stoma bag on my right side for 8 months while I recovered from having half of my colon removed. This point – roughly October 2015 was day zero for me. It was my wake-up call to look after myself but also push myself harder than I had before (fitness wise).  For about a month I could only walk about 100 meters hunched over

Fast forward to now and I’m about 11 stone 2 (yeah, not exactly a muscle monster), lifting double my body weight on deadlifts, hitting the gym 5 times a week, running a mountain marathon in 10 weeks and starting to transition into the realms of Crossfit.

So what’s that got to do with anything? For me and many others it’s about the journey. The drive that fitness gives you. The passion and competitiveness that it can instil within you.

I think the key is having a variety of training methods in your arsenal and finding what it is that you enjoy. I definitely have stuck to a pure bodybuilding style of training for too long. For the last two weeks I’ve been adding in Crossfit training to my programming and am bloody loving the movements and challenges its giving my body. If you’ve tried dips on Olympic Rings then you’ll know what I’m talking about! I’m even enjoying the marathon training I’m doing. Very Bizarre.

The point is – do (and eat) what you enjoy. Not what an Instagram model tells you to do. Not those 50 bicep curls a PT has told you to do to lose weight. You can still eat well, have a burger and lose weight!

Modern fitness is massively individualistic – one size definitely does not fit all!

Find what you enjoy and embrace it.

P.S if anyone reading this is into Crossfit then drop me a line!

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